December 10, 2021

5 key advantages of mail-order pharmacy services

Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that licensed mail-order pharmacy services have on general health and wellbeing? 

While visiting the pharmacy in person to fill prescriptions and seek advice is still favored by some of the population, there are many others who cannot get to a pharmacy due to cost, access, mobility, distance as well as others who see the convenience and benefits of prescriptions mailed to their door.

Without access to traditional brick and mortar pharmacies, it’s simply impossible to get the prescription medications needed, resulting in escalating health issues, increasing medical expenses and deteriorating quality of life.

Consider the management of a chronic condition such as diabetes. Adults with diabetes fill about 4 times as many prescriptions and spend about 4 times as much on prescription drugs as the general population. Without easy access to pharmacy services, patients with diabetes face uncertain and potentially life-threatening health complications.

That’s why it’s time to recognize the important role that mail-order pharmacy services play in driving better healthcare for all Americans, especially for those managing chronic conditions.


The link between pharmacy services and better healthcare

We’ve all heard the saying, prevention is better than cure. This is definitely the case when it comes to chronic conditions, which are the leading driver of America’s $3.8 trillion annual health care price tag. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's and lung and kidney disease account for most chronic conditions requiring pharmaceutical treatment.

With more than 131 million Americans using prescription medication (representing 66% of the adult population), there is a growing need for accessible pharmacy services across the nation. And, with 4 in 10 adults dealing with more than one chronic condition, mail-order pharmacies are playing a bigger role in making prescription medication more accessible for all. 


How mail-order pharmacy services drive improved health outcomes

With pharmacy services so vital to the treatment and prevention of chronic conditions, it’s in everyone’s interests to have easy access to pharmaceutical medicines. Mail-order pharmacy providers further improve health outcomes by unlocking these 5 key advantages:


Mail-order pharmacy was designed for convenience, which is especially important for those with mobility issues, the elderly and anyone without reliable or accessible transportation. Partnering with a mail-order pharmacy service also allows onsite clinic managers and telehealth providers to augment their services without the responsibility of running their own pharmacy.


In the age of online shopping, people are accustomed to ordering products with the click of a button. Mail-order pharmacies allow individuals to order the medications they need, wherever they are and whenever it suits them. Offering 24/7 availability, 365 days of the year, mail-order pharmacies provide services for all types of customers, including busy professionals and on-the-go families.


Mail-order pharmacies can purchase drugs in bulk, unlike smaller onsite clinics and telehealth providers. This buying power makes prescription medications more affordable for customers. Without the need to resource a storefront and the typical overhead that come with that, mail-order providers can keep medication prices low, increasing the chance of patients continuing their treatment plans and enjoying better health.


Choosing a trusted mail-order pharmacy delivers continuity of service, especially for individuals who tend to use different pharmacies each time they fill prescriptions. Centralizing prescription information and offering services such as auto refills and order reminders makes it easier for patients to stay on top of their medication needs, increasing the likelihood of improved health. Partnering with a dedicated pharmacy provider makes life easier for healthcare professionals too by centralizing where prescriptions are filled.


Some licensed mail-order pharmacies give patients access to their order history, helping them take charge of their health needs. This is especially important if seeing a medical professional for the first time. Likewise, partnering with a mail-order pharmacy service can promote new relationships and improve connectivity for health professionals. By accessing the data held in a pharmacy’s app or website, specialists can get up to speed on a patient’s current prescriptions, minimizing the chance of interaction and unintended side effects.


Partner with HomeMed for mail-order pharmacy services 

A Nationally licensed mail-order pharmacy provider, HomeMed Pharmacy, is ready to partner with your business to deliver quality pharmacy services to your patients or employees. Whether you’re an employer who wants to enhance your employer-sponsored health plan or an onsite clinic manager looking to outsource your pharmacy services, we can help.

Committed to removing barriers to healthcare, our goal is to increase medication compliance by making it easier for people to access medication to help manage chronic conditions. Talk to us about our innovative employer-sponsored health care plans or have a chat about how we can support your clinic or practice with our innovative pharmacy services.

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