Your nationally licensed pharmacy partner for
on-site & near-site clinics

Increase medication compliance and reduce costs by sending prescriptions directly to patients

HomeMed is a nationally licensed independent pharmacy partnering with on-site and near-site clinics to reduce prescription dispensing costs and improve patient outcomes.

Our customers are able to reduce costs by eliminating inventory, freeing up valuable floor space, and save the time associated with managing and dispensing prescriptions.

Patients appreciate the convenience of having their medications delivered to their door, real time shipping notifications, medication syncing, as well as automatic and timely dispensing of any refills.

HomeMed offers a national pharmacy solution to on-site and near-site clinics. The legalities of in-clinic dispensing varies significantly from state to state. HomeMed alleviates the complexities and liabilities of in-clinic dispensing.



Lower Prescription Costs

HomeMed sets fair pricing based on actual drug cost rather than an arbitrary number such as Average Wholesale Price (AWP).

Reduced Overhead

With HomeMed your clinic can significantly reduce and in some cases eliminate the need to carry certain drug inventory. Reduced inventory means less capital outlay on inventory that could potentially just sit on a shelf or worse yet, expire.

Staff Productivity

HomeMed knows your clinic staff time is extremely valuable. By e-prescribing to HomeMed, your staff is freed up from dispensing, labelling and checking each individual prescription.

Improve Medication Compliance

Proper medication compliance has a direct impact on a patient’s wellbeing. Non compliance is usually (69%) the result of a patient procrastinating to fill a prescription and/or forgetfulness to take a medication.* Using a mail-delivery service, such as HomeMed, increases patient compliance especially when utilizing HomeMed’s auto-refill program.

Reduced Liability

The less you dispense, the less risk you have for a misprescribe or misfill. By utilizing HomeMed, you alleviate the risks associated as a licensed pharmacist will help manage and oversee the process.

Increased Flexibility Over Formulary

Every square foot of floorspace in your clinic is valuable. Partnering with HomeMed means less floorspace given to storing medications and enables your clinic to leverage thousands more medications in its formulary.

*April 26, 2012, Express Scripts. A New Perspective on Nonadherence.


How It Works

HomeMed will use your existing formulary or help you create a formulary based on the needs of your patient population and cost parameters. Once the formulary is in place, your clinic physician(s) simply e-prescribe the patient medication(s) to HomeMed and we handle the rest. Medications are typically shipped within 24 hours, and patients have their medications in-hand in one to five days. If you wish, HomeMed can automatically ship refills to your patients. Automatically sending refills is proven to increase medication compliance and decrease trips to the clinic, freeing up staff and employee time.

Getting started is simple. Once your account is setup and the formulary is set you can start e-prescribing to HomeMed. There are no minimums, and if you are not satisfied with the partnership for any reason, simply stop sending us prescriptions and there will be no further obligation.